The Story of Tender Tears

I am convinced that inspiration comes in times of crisis. When my grandson was placed on the autism spectrum seven years ago, my heart was in despair. I was grieving the loss of a future we had anticipated for him. As I was feeling helpless and a little hopeless, a flash of inspiration came to me. I suddenly felt a strong urge to start my own business, something that had never crossed my mind before! Perhaps it was the need for a creative outlet, my desire to help others and the need to have some control over something that gave way to this idea. Drawing from my 30 years of experience as a grief counselor and combining that with my love of shopping, TENDER TEARS was born!

Tender Tears: Gifts to Comfort a Grieving Heart provides Comfort Gifts, a meaningful way to help support those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Over the years I’ve witnessed expensive flowers and plants sent to funeral homes by well meaning friends and family with the hope of providing comfort. As lovely as these intentions are, most often the flowers go unnoticed and their disposal can be a burden. Instead, sending a Tender Tears Comfort Gift is like offering a hug and reaffirming support.

In all of my Comfort Boxes, I provide elements of self care, ritual, permission to grieve and some gentle words about healing through loss. I also delight in using many local artisans and “green” packaging.

Tender Tears offers a general grief comfort box as well as a pet loss comfort box for the loss of a beloved cat or dog and a special gift box for those who’ve lost a baby from miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant death and the newest addition, a support box for a caregiver.

The process of creating this business and watching it grow in unexpected ways has been a very satisfying and heartwarming adventure.

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